Miso Polenta w/ Winter Vegetables & Tofu

We last made this in April 2019 with Spring Vegetables Polenta Recipe: Bon Appetit (swap out asparagus & snow peas for butternut squash & broccoli) Black Bean Garlic Sauce Recipe: loosely based on this Ming Tsai recipe Prep Time: 1 hr (a little longer for Winter Veggies b/c you’re roasting) Note: To winterize this recipe, … Continue reading Miso Polenta w/ Winter Vegetables & Tofu

Coq Au Vin

Recipe: Cooks Illustrated (alternative Bon Appetit) Total Time: 3 hrs Review: Zak’s life can be divided into two eras, the before and after of having Buvette‘s Coq Au Vin.  Ever since that moment his life has been defined by the constant seeking and recreation of that meal.  All to no avail. (He says the same … Continue reading Coq Au Vin