Crispy-Skin Salmon

Recipe: Dining In Cookbook (but I also like the look of the “Searing and Roasted method here) Total Time: 30 min Review: We try to always have Whole Food’s Club Packs of fish to use for weeknight dinners because they thaw in about 20 minutes! But also because I recently learned the vast majority of … Continue reading Crispy-Skin Salmon


A Nice Lasagna

Recipe: Small Victories Cookbook Total Time: 6 hours Review: I love this lasagna. Julia Turshen describes it as a “A Nice Lasagna” that she’ll make for a friend’s birthday, and I just love that description. Super simple ingredients that are all handmade and come together beautifully. I’m not sure if I had ever had lasagna … Continue reading A Nice Lasagna


Recipe (feeds 2) 1 heirloom tomato (my favorite are Cherokee Purples) 8 slices bacon 3 leaves Iceberg Lettuce Levy’s Seeded Rye Mayo Cook Bacon Slice Tomatoes into thick slices Rinse & dry lettuce Toast Bread (not too toasty, otherwise the bread will crack) Generously mayo bread, wall to wall Make sandwiches: Bread -> Tomato -> … Continue reading BLTs

Spring Pea Salad

Recipe: Dining In’s Spring Peas with Anchovy, Lemon, and All the Radishes Prep Time: 30 min Review: I LOVE sugar snap peas and when the come into season, they are like candy. I almost exclusively eat them sauteed with butter, so I tried to switch it up and eat them raw. They certainly looked beautiful … Continue reading Spring Pea Salad