Fennel-Rubbed Pork Chops

Recipe: Dining In Cookbook Total Time: 1 hr Review: I was the weird kid who always loved when we had pork chops for dinner – even my birthday meal request would be for pork chops and apple sauce. Something about them just really spoke to little Jane. And you know what, she was right. Alison … Continue reading Fennel-Rubbed Pork Chops


Pizza Night

Recipe: Nothing Fancy Cookbook Total Time: 2.5 hours (over 2 nights) Review: This was really on the edge of being a weekend recipe. But it’s doable on a weeknight with a little determination. First up – you need to make the focaccia the night before. Then when you get home from work the next night, … Continue reading Pizza Night

Coq Au Vin

Recipe: Cooks Illustrated (alternative Bon Appetit) Total Time: 3 hrs Review: Zak’s life can be divided into two eras, the before and after of having Buvette‘s Coq Au Vin.  Ever since that moment his life has been defined by the constant seeking and recreation of that meal.  All to no avail. (He says the same … Continue reading Coq Au Vin