Spring Pea Salad

Recipe: Dining In’s Spring Peas with Anchovy, Lemon, and All the Radishes Prep Time: 30 min Review: I LOVE sugar snap peas and when the come into season, they are like candy. I almost exclusively eat them sauteed with butter, so I tried to switch it up and eat them raw. They certainly looked beautiful … Continue reading Spring Pea Salad

Italian Sandwiches

I am a diehard Italian sandwich fan. For anyone in Williamsburg who knew Graham Ave Meats, they had the absolute best Italian sandwich. I had it for the first time years and years ago when my sister still lived in Williamsburg. We ran in to pick up sandwiches before going to my parent’s for a … Continue reading Italian Sandwiches

Chicken Meatballs

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen Total Time: 1 hr Review: I LOVE these chicken meatballs. They’re fairly easy – but they call for Italian bread which I never had, and then I didn’t rip it up into small enough pieces because I was too engrossed in The Dropout podcast. Oh well – they were still delicious. We … Continue reading Chicken Meatballs