Spicy White Bean Stew w/ Broccoli Rabe

Recipe: NYTimes Cooking Total Time: 2 hrs (but we cooked dried beans – probably 1 hr with canned) Review: We’ve talked about our love of Acqua Cotta on the blog before and post-holidays, that’s all we really want. So when we saw Alison Roman’s Spicy White Bean Stew w/ Broccoli Rabe on NYTimes cooking, it was no question we … Continue reading Spicy White Bean Stew w/ Broccoli Rabe


Recipe (feeds 2) 1 heirloom tomato (my favorite are Cherokee Purples) 8 slices bacon 3 leaves Iceberg Lettuce Levy’s Seeded Rye Mayo Cook Bacon Slice Tomatoes into thick slices Rinse & dry lettuce Toast Bread (not too toasty, otherwise the bread will crack) Generously mayo bread, wall to wall Make sandwiches: Bread -> Tomato -> … Continue reading BLTs

Italian Sandwiches

I am a diehard Italian sandwich fan. For anyone in Williamsburg who knew Graham Ave Meats, they had the absolute best Italian sandwich. I had it for the first time years and years ago when my sister still lived in Williamsburg. We ran in to pick up sandwiches before going to my parent’s for a … Continue reading Italian Sandwiches

Grain Bowls

Despite the nice name, grain bowls are really just a means to throw together a quick lunch with whatever’s in your fridge. Here’s some basics for putting some together and making yourself delicious lunches without spending $10 a day. If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out Bon Appetit’s 28 Ways to Dress a Grain … Continue reading Grain Bowls