Meal Plan Round Up: Weekend Camping Edition

Camping is great! For the most part. Yes, there’s mad bugs, nature is surprisingly noisy – there always seems to be a woodpecker nearby (the AM jackhammer equivalent of birds) dementedly going at it with a tree, and it’s very easy to frighten yourself with thoughts of someone looming outside of your tent while you … Continue reading Meal Plan Round Up: Weekend Camping Edition


Recipe: Cooks Illustrated’s Easier Fried Chicken Total Time: 2 hrs Review: We first found this recipe when Zak and I started dating in college. It was the first time we used buttermilk in anything, and I thought it was ingenious that you put the spices in with the marinade. The acid in the buttermilk helps … Continue reading FRIED CHICKEN


Last weekend, I went to Dallas with friends to visit and surprise one of our best friends who moved there. We had the best time hanging out, drinking some Trader Joe’s wine, and most importnatly – checking out Dallas brunch and the rodeo. Sixty Vines Brunch is a THING in Dallas. We all rolled out … Continue reading Dallas


Shuko is like a portal to Japan right in Union Square. The entire ambiance is made for elegance and calm and to take care of you. One of my favorite parts of going to an incredible meal is that everything inside the restaurant is built to take care of you. You don’t really get that … Continue reading Shuko


Recipe: Bon Appetit Prep Time: 1 1/2 days Special Equipment: Kitchenaid stand mixer (you may be able to mix the dough by hand though) Review: I’ve been wanting to make focaccia ever since I had it at a friends house and it was the salty, crispy, and olive-oil-ey bread of my dreams. Then I saw … Continue reading Focaccia


A few Fridays ago, we broke out of our Friday night routine of ordering pizza and drinking White Russians to have dinner with some of our favorite people at Wildair on the Lower East Side. We made a 6pm reservation which was perfect because that’s what was available and you can go straight from work … Continue reading Wildair