Upstate NY: Audrey’s Farmhouse

Last weekend, Zak and I and our friends, Nick and Avalon, spent the weekend upstate at Audrey’s Farmhouse in NY’s Hudson Valley. I didn’t really know much about it beforehand, but I love going upstate and I know that Avalon would never lead us astray. It turned out to be the best mix possible between … Continue reading Upstate NY: Audrey’s Farmhouse


Making Granola

Recipe: Dining In Cookbook‘s Decidedly Not Sweet Granola and Slighty Sweet Granola If you don’t have Dining In, have no fear! Here’s a similar Savory Granola recipe from Bon Appetit that looks great, and here’s a substitute for a Slightly Sweet Version from the NYTimes Making granola is always kind of a pain in the … Continue reading Making Granola


This is an old standby and anyone who works with me knows Zak’s smoothies. There’s been a lot of asks for signing up to receive smoothies that I so far, haven’t delivered on. Maybe providing the ingredients will help? Probably not though. It’s always nice when someone makes it for you. I should also mention … Continue reading Smoothies