Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Recipe: NYTimes (but with Bon Appetit’s Romesco sauce) Prep Time: 1.5 hrs Review: I liked this! It’s pretty easy – it just takes a decent amount of time to cook. So if you got some stuff to do when you get home from work – I would just put this in the oven right away. … Continue reading Whole Roasted Cauliflower


Italian Sandwiches

I am a diehard Italian sandwich fan. For anyone in Williamsburg who knew Graham Ave Meats, they had the absolute best Italian sandwich. I had it for the first time years and years ago when my sister still lived in Williamsburg. We ran in to pick up sandwiches before going to my parent’s for a … Continue reading Italian Sandwiches

Chicken Meatballs

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen Total Time: 1 hr Review: I LOVE these chicken meatballs. They’re fairly easy – but they call for Italian bread which I never had, and then I didn’t rip it up into small enough pieces because I was too engrossed in The Dropout podcast. Oh well – they were still delicious. We … Continue reading Chicken Meatballs


Last weekend, I went to Dallas with friends to visit and surprise one of our best friends who moved there. We had the best time hanging out, drinking some Trader Joe’s wine, and most importnatly – checking out Dallas brunch and the rodeo. Sixty Vines Brunch is a THING in Dallas. We all rolled out … Continue reading Dallas