Mahi Mahi w/ Baked Potoates & Asparagus

Recipe: No real recipe, Zak used a spice rub from Jessica Gavin, Culinary Scientist (what a title!) for the mahi mahi, and we just popped the asparagus & potato in a hot oven (400 degrees, 20 min for asparagus, 1.5 hrs for potato). Prep Time: 1.5 hrs. While we waited for the potatoes, we made … Continue reading Mahi Mahi w/ Baked Potoates & Asparagus


Grain Bowls

Despite the nice name, grain bowls are really just a means to throw together a quick lunch with whatever’s in your fridge. Here’s some basics for putting some together and making yourself delicious lunches without spending $10 a day. If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out Bon Appetit’s 28 Ways to Dress a Grain … Continue reading Grain Bowls

Crab Cakes

Decided to make crab cakes for dinner on Saturday as a nice weekend dinner. Happily, it turned out just as good as I had hoped. Recipe from Cooks Illustrated Cookbook Prep Time: 1.5 total (1 hr active – there’s 30 minutes in the fridge) # of Servings: Recipe serves 4 but crab is ridiculously expensive … Continue reading Crab Cakes