We made pork belly and you should too!

Pork Belly is the collective lie we tell ourselves so that we can be fancy and eat bacon outside of breakfast and BLTs.  I’m here to tell you two things, 1.) You don’t need that lie, eat bacon whenever you want (responsibly). And 2.) This lump of meat and fat is so good that my … Continue reading We made pork belly and you should too!


Sourdough Bread

Recipe: NYTCooking Total Time: 3 days Review: When quarantine began, I (along with the rest of the millennials) decided it was the perfect time to do a sourdough starter – when else would I be able to carefully monitor and feed it? First things first, figure out what starter is and how to feed it. … Continue reading Sourdough Bread

Pizza Night

Recipe: Nothing Fancy Cookbook Total Time: 2.5 hours (over 2 nights) Review: This was really on the edge of being a weekend recipe. But it’s doable on a weeknight with a little determination. First up – you need to make the focaccia the night before. Then when you get home from work the next night, … Continue reading Pizza Night